{Insert Time Skip} A lot has happened.

During my overbearingly long hiatus from blogging, a lot happened. I got promoted at work, graduated university, attempted to learn three new languages, and finally understood what it meant to be completely sleep deprived. Read More »


Theory: Leia’s Ring

I bought this ring at BoxLunch, almost the moment I saw it.

I was curious though. Why this ring? And why does this ring get so much attention in the film? I’ve heard a fair amount of theories here and there. One being that the two stones represents Luke and Leia. Which is a fun theory, but I have another.

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The Hardest Question I’ve Had to Answer.

As a 21 year old college student, one would expect that the hardest question I’d have to answer would be something along the lines of my future. Whether it be what I’d want to do with my degree, where I picture myself in five years, what my goal in life is, etc. And while all of these questions are insanely difficult and I do have a hard time figuring them out and trying to answer them, I still do not think they’re harder than the ultimate question I have yet to come up with an answer for. This post will be a self discovery for me, and hopefully you all gain something from this expierence.

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Things are Getting Strange Around Here.

Recently I have been utterly obsessed with Stranger Things. I mean, haven’t we all? With the release of season 2, my obsession has sky-rocketed and I’ve put together three outfits to encompass my obsession. This will be the first outfit.

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetI went for a “I’m hunting the Demogoron in the Upside Down but also playing DnD but also maybe looking for my lost son” look. You know the one.

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RoundTable PodRacers Episode VI

Episode VI! Or as I like to call it, EPISODE VI: RETURN OF THE PODCAST! *Cue Binary Sunset track*

So as I mentioned in my last post (posted literally like 2 minutes ago) I’m trying to play catch up after the hectic Hurricane Irma. With nearly two weeks of being inactive, we and I are back. In this episode we show off all the sweet merch we bought over Force Friday II and discuss this month’s Star Wars ComLINK topic: Favorite Male Character. For more info on ComLINKS, check out AnakinandhisAngel.

I will be making my own blog post on none other than my space boyfriend, Kylo Ren. But in this episode Ana and I decided to talk about shared favorite male, who is the greatest scruffy-looking nerf herder in the entire galaxy, Han Solo. Smuggler, husband, father, scoundrel, smooth-talker, pilot, and a great shot, Solo has been one of my favorite characters forever now.


IMG_0241I had a really big crush on him, and would swoon if a guy was as smooth as he is to Leia to me. Talk about relationship goals. Everyone wants an “I love you” “I know” moment.



Any who, Han is perfect in many ways, and helps the progress of the story with his own arc going on. We also know so little about him which is strange considering he’s one of the main characters in the OT. But I guess that’s why he is now getting his own movie next year.


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RoundTable PodRacers Episode V

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, first we had Hurricane Irma coming our way so my family and I left to Tampa, then Orlando, and after a week of hotels, we finally came back to come home to no power. But hey, at least my house was still standing!

I got my power back Wednesday (almost a week ago now), and then Saturday we got our internet. Finally things are getting back to normal. I had mentioned a couple posts I wanted to make so I may play a bit of “catch up” and make a couple posts.

Before the wrath of Irma, Ana and I made a new podcast episode! Episode V! In it we discuss season 1 of Star Wars: Rebels, as we begin to gear up for the season 4 premier airing Oct. 16th. We posted it a little late but here it is!!!

(Also available on iTunes)

RoundTable PodRacers Episode IV

Episode IV is up! In this very special, hour long special with our FIRST ever guest stars Alfred and Molly Smith! This amazing, fantastic couple, whom we love dearly, run SaberCraft. SaberCraft is the LED saber choreography group Ana (LeGeekyLiife) and I are both apart of. Eventually I will write a whole post about SaberCraft and how amazing it is.

So we talk to them dealing with everything to do with Lightsaber combat and choreography. What their favorite fights are, what their favorite sabers are, etc etc.

We play little games with them and even have a special SaberCraft notation explaination and video.

Check them out at SaberCraft!!!

And check out the episode here! Or on iTunes and SoundCloud!!!

RoundTable PodRacers Episode III

At long last! The long awaited Episode III!!!

We were a tad late on this one, but decided to have a very short episode regarding Force Friday, and the newly announced possibility of an Obi Wan Kenobi movie.

In this episode, Ana (LeGeekyLiife) and I discuss everything to do with Obi Wan. From his role in Clone Wars to the ever iconic Ben Kenobi in A New Hope, we discover that he is one of the few characters who is relevant in every series, movies, etc. He was even mentioned in Rogue One!

In the episode, we discuss our favorite Obi Wan scenes, what our theories are for the newly announced, but not confirmed, film. We demand Ewan McGregor, and we try to figure out what era of Obi the movie would work best with.

Alongside Obi Wan, we also discuss, in depth, Force Friday. We provide links in our descriptions of different stores participating and different yet vital information if you are also looking to participate! Check it out!

Found on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Episode III is posted on YouTube here:

Game of Thrones Season 7 Review

Last night marked the seventh and final episode of season 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. This season was jam packed with content leading to the “end” and now we all must wait for winter to settle in for another year, until we can finally see the conclusive end in season 8. But let’s not think about that for now. Today, lets reflect and the season that just passed us by, for all the it was, and all that it could lead to later, in the Game of Thrones.

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