Review: Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3

IMG_1096Netflix’s Original Voltron: Legendary Defender aired their third season on Friday, August 4th, and contained a short seven episodes that continued the story of season’s one and two. To begin, I  LOVE this show. I was super hooked with season’s one and two, and was extremely anticipating season 3 for months. Especially with all the trailers and news coming out about it at SDCC, and the amount of reddit theory perusing I was doing in my wait. If you haven’t seen the show, and intend to, please avoid reading this post, because it will contain spoilers. But I highly recommend you do as soon as possible because it is absolutely wonderful and such an entertaining show.

Now that said and to start off this review, I was sadly and surprisingly disappointed in the new season.

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RoundTable PodRacers Episode II

“Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”

In this episode of RoundTable PodRacers, Ana (LeGeekyLife) and I discuss everything regarding Star Wars animated series. From 2003’s Clone Wars to present day Forces of Destiny, we talk about it all! The episode was designed to mostly focus on FoD, so we go episode by episode discussing what was cool and which ones were our favorite. We even have a little showcase of one of the new dolls created for the project! We briefly gloss over the other shows, because we feel like they deserve deeper coverage than just having them summed up into one episode. Ana and I have decided to discuss season by season of Clone Wars and will probably do the same for Rebels! Also stay tuned till the end to hear a little secret that could lead to you winning our first giveaway!

Watch and listen on YouTube at RoundTable PodRacers or just scroll a little more down to see the video below. If you like it, like the video and maybe give us a subscribe for more awesome weekly content.We have also posted the audio on iTunes and SoundCloud!

The next episode, which will be recorded and posted next week, is already being planned, with an awesome theme and who knows? Maybe we’ll even have some experts on our subject come in to give their two cents.

But until then, just know, that was some rescue. 

2017 Summer Anime Season

This summer anime season is in full swing, with most shows reaching the halfway point of their respective seasons. While I’m not watching too many of them right now, I figured I’d tell you all about the five that totally capture my attention weekly. Who knows? Maybe after reading this you’ll be inspired to watch a few of them!

1. My Hero Academia

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Patches for Days!

Personalized jean jackets have been an up and coming trend brought back to life once again in the last few months. Whether your jacket has nerd patches, music patches, or anything of the sort, personalizing and stylizing your own is not only really fun, but it also allows you to completely express your interests in a single fashion piece. Originally I wanted to make my jacket generally nerd themed with a couple awesome, yet random, patches I found on Etsy. However, after I purchased a few I had decided to keep it completely Star Wars themed, as I mentioned in Episode I of Roundtable Podracers (watch: here listen: SoundCloud or iTunes).IMG_4434 (2)Read More »

RoundTable PodRacers Episode I

In the very first episode of Roundtable PodRacers, Ana (legeekyliife) and I discuss how we met and became close enough to co-host for you all, SaberCraft, SDCC, Supercon, D23, and much, much more. Whether we are Sith or Jedi, Rebel or Imperial. We even unbox the newest Droid themed Smuggler’s Bounty and give all the nifty little details of the goodies inside. We rant about Star Wars and probably deviate from our selected topics a little too much, but fear not fellow nerds. Everything pretty much stays about Star Wars.

Watch and listen on YouTube at RoundTable PodRacers or just scroll a little more down to see the video below. If you like it, like the video and maybe give us a subscribe for more awesome weekly content.We have also posted the audio on SoundCloud and are just waiting for it to finish processing and eventually hope to post it on Audiable, iTunes, and CastBox.

Our next episode is being recorded this upcoming Wednesday, August 9th and the video should be posted shortly after. And not to give away any spoilers, but we may or may not have some pretty amazing people joining us as our special guests.

Until then, stay nerdy friends.

EDIT: The audio for episode 1 has been added to SoundCloud and iTunes.

Film Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

After making a couple posts about outfits and nerd fashion, I decided to change things up and write something for my “Geeking Out” category. I recently took a course in writing film reviews and I discovered that it was something I liked doing. A lot. Especially negative reviews on crappy but lovable horror movies. My first one was on Rings, the poorly made third installment to the chilling and haunting early 2000s film, The Ring. And the amount of trash I spoke about that movie in the paper is equivalent to that of the quality of movie. I will definitely be posting that eventually on here, but I just wanted to start off this section with a newer and fresher film. Also one that totally fits into the “nerd” category. Because honestly what is nerdier and trendier right now than a superhero movie?


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How to Cosplay a Sith

Take the teachings of Darth Kyra the Passionate to heart young Inquisitors, and soon you too shall know the ways of the Dark Side.

So as I discuss in the Round Table Pod Racers podcast episode I recorded today with legeekyliife we discussed what we would be in the Star Wars universe. I get this question a lot, Jedi or Sith? And I have to go Sith, mainly because the killer outfit choices and freedom that comes with, and of course the code gives me utter chills. Also most of the outfits are fairly cheap. So its super awesome cosplaying on a budget!

flat,800x800,075,t.u6Sith Code

So to start of on “How to Cosplay a Sith” I think we must begin with the color schemes. Black, black, more black, and maybe a dash of red. All three of my Sith cosplays are all black outfits but that is neither here nor there. It gives me a reason to be goth and look really amazing while STILL repping the Star Wars fan. So we got the colors.

Next is the type of clothes. You’d want very flowy, tabardy, style clothes. Maybe your pieces can have different textures to give the black layers some dimensions.

Also, boots, makeup (!!!), and of course, A RED SABER!

So to start off, this is my cosplay of Sith character, Darth Kyra.

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What I Wore- LotR Brunch!

So one of my top fandoms is Lord of the Rings, which explains the Elvish “nine” I have written on my wrist. I grew up watching the movies with my mom, who is a huge fan, and last month we got to go to the Lord of the Rings themed Geek Girl Brunch Miami. And since I’m no tall glass of water, I decided to dress up as one of my favorite races to play in DnD, halflings. Or in Tolkien terms, a Hobbit.


But not just any hobbit, I cosplayed THE Hobbit. That’s right, Bilbo Baggins.

So as I said before, I went to the MIAMI brunch. In the middle of July. Needless to say, it was nearly as hot as the fires of Mordor. So I tried to go for a breezier summer look, with a removable blazer.


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San Diego Comic Con, I made it to you at last!

This year, 2017, I attended my first San Diego Comic Con. Growing up in Florida, there have been a number of pretty awesome conventions I’ve attended. From Supercon to Megacon and everything in between, I always knew that I had a pretty decent selection of cons in the state I lived. However, I knew it wouldn’t compare to THE Comic-Con. I recently turned 21, and as a very kind gift, my parents bought be tickets to go to the con and spend my first weekend almost completely on my own. Thank god I had some fellow geek girls to show me the ropes. San Diego Comic-Con was everything I expected and more.Read More »