Reylo is Canon

Reylo is Canon!

It feels like FOREVER since I made a geek chic look and even longer since I’ve made a new blog post about it. But being in quarantine has made me really want to experiment with possible new looks and I have had the strong need to beat the temptation of staying in pajamas all day long.

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Getting Bookie: Jan/Feb Catch Up


So as mentioned, I got pretty much nothing done in Feb. I started reading The Witcher: The Last Wish but with everything going on, put it down for a bit. I have now picked it back up so you will all hopefully see it in next month’s Getting Bookie post.

January was a very Star Wars themed month for me. TRoS had just come out and I had a ton of feelings. Clone Wars was coming back. I went to Galaxy’s Edge again and got to do everything this time. So I felt like I wanted to get back into the Star Wars novels game. I had started reading the new canon a couple years ago but still lacked a big number of the novelizations. Last Getting Bookie featured Resistance Reborn. This one is all about Count Dooku, a villain I have always liked and always wanted to know more about.

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Layers of Fear: Review

Layers of Fear

It had been awhile since I had really played any video games and a sudden inspiration had hit me in a strong wave. I played a couple indie games, OXENFREE (which is amazing) and Night in the Woods. I picked up, and became obsessed with, Stardew Valley and am casually playing Terraria with friends and my boyfriend. I’m (very) slowly playing through Witcher 3 and the Bioshock series. Currently, after seeing Joker, I got the sudden urge to play through Batman: Arkham Asylum again and found the whole series on a special promo at the Epic Games store (it was FREE for all three games!)

There have also been a ton of games I’ve been eyeing to buy. Dead by Daylight, Untitled Goose Game, and After Party (coming out October 29) to name a few!

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